My Very First Blog Post!!

I have been toying with the idea of setting up a Blog for years but never really felt it was a good idea until now. It always seemed like a lot of effort and it is opening yourself up to criticism from the big bad internet. Also what am I going to write about? 😮

My family and friends have been suggesting that I set up a blog for a long time because seemingly my rants can be funny and anyone who knows me knows that I can be opinionated. 😉 I am a big believer in always seeing the funny side of life even in the worst situations.

I plan to blog about anything and everything that I come across, being a 30-year-old in Ireland at the moment has its challenges, let alone being a disfigured women. I was in a house fire in France when i was 7 which resulted in 3rd degree burns to 70% of my face and body (not great) as a result I have experienced a lot of discrimination but have also had a lot of great experiences. I have had hundreds of operations, God knows how many, which are ongoing, my last operation was 3 and a half years ago. As new procedures and technology are developed I will hopefully have more treatment. Having burns is only a tiny portion of my life though, other people make it a much bigger issue out of it than it actually is. If other people were less bothered about it my life would be a lot easier. As I have heard many times it is society that disables a person and I can confirm that this is very true.

I was on the Ray D’arcy show on RTE1 last weekend with Tom Hickey (who also has a blog – Hickeys World) speaking about disfigurement and my experiences, since then a lot more people have suggested a blog so here I am. I have done quite a lot of media work in order to raise awareness of disfigurement and I have had experiences with the media that have not been very positive. The fact that everyone was so supportive and encouraging after this interview helped to give me the confidence to do it.

I studied Law & Business in college, then a Masters in Law, I also interned in Washington DC for a few months, but I am now working in compliance in financial services which is mental at the moment. I am very interested in equality and human rights so will probably write a bit about that too. Who knows?

I have a summer of weddings (I am a bridesmaid) and hen parties to look forward to, with a few babies thrown in (not my own), so that will be taking up most of my time and bank balance.

Dont expect anything amazing for the first while though as this is the first time I have ever blogged, hopefully I will improve over time 🙂




8 thoughts on “My Very First Blog Post!!

  1. newreviews2015 says:

    Well done Emily. You’ve posted a blog and your journey had begun. You have a nice concise style of writing, so people will find it easy to follow your narrative. The content is up to you but I doubt you will find yourself shot of ideas and inspiration. Good luck 🍀


  2. Lorraine Barnes says:

    Hi Emily
    I enjoyed reading your blog. It’s good to catch up with what you’re up to. It all sounds very positive and your interview experiences will defiantly help others going through the same procedure. I look forward to your next installment. Xxx


  3. Audrey says:

    Congratulations on your very first blog Emily. 👏 It’s people like yourself that has the courage to speak out and brings such a positive outlook for people like myself who has all there life been rejected and bullied. Like yourself I was in a house fire at just 2yrs of age, I died twice as my body went into shock, I’ve 60% 3rd degree burns to my body, spent my childhood in hospital, operation after operation. My last op was February last yr.
    But I’ve never let my scars hold me back in any aspect of my life.
    My moto, my scars are only hard skin. But of course im only human and do have the odd day of self pity. But I then dust myself off and face the world again.
    Keep up the fantastic work your doing ❤

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    • Thomas King says:

      – Came here from Katie Piper’s twitter.

      Hello there Emily,
      Savage blog!

      You have a really nice writing style and humour.
      Good job.


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