Amazing Seaweed

Any of my friends will tell you that I am constantly trying new alternative treatments (my Mam usually discovers them then talks me into it), whether it is a new cream, a healer, new laser etc. I’m willing to try anything once because there is only so much modern medicine can do!

Most of the treatments I try are new, modern (expensive) inventions or techniques but I tried a very old, traditional, relatively cheap one a few weeks ago. Myself and my Mam went to try out seaweed baths in Sligo, I did have a seaweed bath years ago but I can’t really remember it. I have always known that seaweed was meant to be good for your skin but the thought of sitting in a bath of seaweed didn’t really appeal to me but I thought why not?!

A few days later we got into the car and drove over to Strandhill (2 and a half hours away). When we got there my first question was do they get rid of the spiders in it and yes they do! 🙂 We were brought to our own rooms where you spend 5 minutes in a steam shower to open up your pores then spend 45 minutes in the seaweed bath which is very slimy as a result of the gel from seaweed emits. Now i didn’t really enjoy the bath because sitting in seaweed is not my idea of a good time and I am not very good at relaxing but my mam said it was like ‘heaven’ (her words not mine) so it depends on the person. 🙂

Seaweed is known to have amazing healing properties as it contains a huge amount of minerals especially Iodine. It helps to promote skin elasticity and intensely moisturises your skin and hair, encourages liver activity and increases your metabolism. It also helps your body to eliminate toxins and impurities. It is good for your thyroid, circulation, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis…… basically it is amazing.

I noticed an improvement in my skin straight away, burns lose elasticity so are very tight and can be dry because the pores are damaged so the body’s natural moisturiser and temperature regulation (sweat) don’t work properly but my skin felt softer straight away, instant relief really. When I woke up the next morning I noticed a huge difference, my skin was soft, supple and nowhere near as tight! I was in shock at how good my skin felt and looked 😮 I went straight online and ordered a seaweed face mask (which also works) and seaweed to use in the bath at home.

A few days later my skin was back to normal so I will be going back for more seaweed baths, if they were closer I would have one every weekend. You can also eat the seaweed but that is a bit much for me, my Mam says it is gorgeous if you want to try it though 😮

Anyway I would absolutely advise anyone who has any type of skin issue, or anyone who just wants to give themselves a bit of TLC, to try a seaweed bath you have nothing to lose.


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