My Crowning Glory

Over the last few years I have seen a lot of articles on famous men having hair transplants, the first thing  I think is who cares, its none of anyone’s business then I think its terrible that this procedure is always being spoken about as a cosmetic procedure for vain old men.

As with most cosmetic procedures hair transplants can be used for reconstructive purposes, I have had both a hair transplant and eyebrow transplants and the results are miraculous, I cannot over emphasise the different these procedures have made to me. Of course people who have this done for reconstructive reasons, aren’t spoken about as it makes the procedure less glamourous and people prefer to think of it as purely a shallow cosmetic procedure, its easier that way.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t see the point in men having hair transplants as men go bald, its natural so why bother. I don’t see why men would be self conscious about it, its natural and a lot of men are very attractive bald plus lets face it men can look any way they want and it won’t really affect how they are treated by others or society unlike women. But thats just me, each to their own, I’m not a man so I can’t claim to know how they feel, whatever makes them happy. I know that in the tv/ movie world it makes a huge difference to the work you get. Also without the demand for this procedure for cosmetic purposes there would be no money to develop it and it would not be available for reconstructive purposes (there is no money in burns reconstruction).

I had a hair transplant done about 7 years ago in HRBR, Blackrock (before it was cool 🙂 ) I had met the surgeon, Maurice Collins, years before that but put the operation off as I was in college and it is a very expensive procedure. Guess what, like the lazer, hair transplants are not covered by the health service or health insurance as it is a cosmetic procedure, even if used for reconstructive purposes (are you noticing a trend here?). I had an eyebrow transplant 2 years later. I did have to be talked into the eyebrows as I was bit worried about getting anything done to my face. You probably think look at you, what have I got to lose but its taken me 20 years to look like this so it is a big decision.

As the roof literally melted during my accident a lot of the flames fell on my head burning my scalp and face which meant I had no hairline, eyebrows and had patches of hair missing, not a good look. You cannot underestimate the effect having no hair or eyebrows has on a woman, a lot of cancer patients say that losing their hair is the most traumatic part of their illness.

The procedure itself is pretty amazing, in very basic terms they remove a strip of your scalp then harvest each tiny hair follicle and replant them one by one wherever the hair is needed (I wouldn’t have the patience). Its a bit more complicated than that but you get the gist. They also plan out the shape of your hairline or eyebrows so they match the shape of your face and look as natural as possible. I have had hundreds of operations so they don’t make me nervous the only thing that I was uncomfortable with is the fact that you are awake during the procedure, my worst nightmare is being awake or waking up during an operation. 😦 I was able to watch a few movies to distract myself during the actual procedure, I think I watched Sex & the City during one of them, but I mainly just waffled away talking crap for hours, the poor nurses. The nurses and doctors are so nice and brilliant at their jobs, they really care about what they do. The hair transplants need to be kept wet for a few days, they fall out (a bit worrying when that happens but it’s normal) then they grow back.

The hair line was a very subtle difference but it took me a few weeks to get used to my eyebrows but I am obsessed with them now, I looked like I had 2 caterpillars on my face. You don’t realise the difference a hairline and eyebrows make to your face they totally shape all of your facial features. I get a lot less attention with them, people don’t notice me as much. I know some people would like more attention but for someone who wasn’t able to go out in public without being stared at for nearly 20 years this was huge!

I would advise anyone who is considering having a hair transplant (for reconstructive reasons actually screw it, even for cosmetic reasons) to definitely go for it, I have no regrets it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. 🙂




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