I am a  30 year old Law Graduate from Dublin now working in Compliance in Financial Services (Law didn’t work out).

I am a burns survivor who has had a very unique life so far. I’m here to share my thoughts and show that burns are only a very small part of my life!!

I am interested in everything and anything, I live my life to the full and grab onto every opportunity that comes along which can get me into some very ‘interesting’ situations. I am quite direct and my brain to mouth filter can be questionable at times so I may need someone to check my posts before I publish.

If people like my posts great, if not don’t be mean behind your screen and move along.

Thanks xx

P.S. Please don’t sue me 🙂 I would’ve killed for the experience 5 years ago but I just don’t have the time now 😉


If you require any help or advice in relation to burns or disfigurement you can contact the below;








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